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The Chocolate Horse - Patience Works (180 gram)

Image of The Chocolate Horse - Patience Works (180 gram)

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The Chocolate Horse are Jason Snell, Andrew Higley, and Paul Brumm
Paul Brumm performed upright bass, drums, electric beats, electric guitars, and vocals
Andrew Higley performed bowed saw, piano, keyboards, trumpet, and French horn
Jason Snell performed acoustic and electric guitars, drums, electric beats, and vocals
Dave Cahill performed drums on “Crash That Party”
“Bedlight" contains a section of a live performance by Burning Star Core
All music written and performed by The Chocolate Horse Lyrics by Jason Snell and The Chocolate Horse

Mixed by Paul Brumm and The Chocolate Horse
Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service
Pressed at United Record Pressing, Nashville, TN
Design work by We Have Become Vikings
Photography by Jason Snell
Stable Records | All Rights Reserved Stable Records LLC 2007

Thank you family and friends who have made this first The Chocolate Horse album a reality.
Thank you Shawn Abnoxious, Beauty Pill, Michelle Blades, Darren and James Blase, Mike Breen, Austin Brown, Denise Burge, Dave Cahill, Cory Clinton, The Comet, Campfire Crush, Caterpiller Tracks, CityBeat, Culture Queer, John Curley, Fairmount Girls, Faun Fables, FRCH Design Worldwide, Mollie Ferrigan, Michael Gibboney, Goodnight Satellite, Dana Hamblen, Heartless Bastards, Andy Jody, Lora Jost, Lovely Crash, Low Skies, The Neus Subjex, Dan McCabe, Marty McCauley, Ericka McIntyre, Me or the Moon, Ryan Meyer, Charyl Mikles, Travis Morrison, Marie Mutz, The Northside Tavern, Shawn Norton, Brandon Page, Pearlene, Pilot to Gunner, Jessica Rensing, Carrie Reynard, Emily Rockenfelder, David Roller, Johnny Ruzsa, Chris Schadler, Mark Schauer, The Sheds, M. Shelton, Rob Seitz, The Southgate House, Jeff Smolinski, The Staggering Statistics, Joe Suer, The Sundresses, The Spurzz, The Thirteens, Why?, Gregg Wilson, Rick Wilson, Wussy, C. Spencer Yeh, and Nicole Zappanti