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The Chocolate Horse - We Don't Stand on Ceremony

Image of The Chocolate Horse - We Don't Stand on Ceremony

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The Chocolate Horse is Jason Snell — vocals, guitars, and banjo | Andrew Higley — keyboards, horns, bowed saw, and vibraphone | Paul Brumm — acoustic bass and vocals | Johnny Ruzsa — alto flute, ocarina, and percussion Dave Cahill — drums | Sharon Udoh — vocals | Joe Klug — percussion | Tobe Donohue — drums on "You're Only Breathing" | Jim Feist — tabla on “Holding on to Your Heart” Recorded in Cincinnati, OH May 2008–August 2009 by John Curley at Ultrasuede Studios, Tobe Donohue at Manimal Studio, and The Chocolate Horse at The Stable Mixed by Paul Brumm | Digital mastering by John Curley and Paul Brumm at Ultrasuede Studios | Vinyl mastering and pressing by United Record Pressing, Nashville, TN All music by The Chocolate Horse | All lyrics by Jason Snell | Art and design by We Have Become Vikings |

2009 Stable Records LLC

The Chocolate Horse would like to thank our family and friends who made this record possible. Shawn Abnoxious, Michael Aug, Jilly Baker, Scott Beseler, Darren and James Blase, Mike Breen, Alex Breyer, Austin Brown, Lisa Cahill, Caterpillar Tracks, CityBeat, The Comet, David Cupp, John Curley, Julia Davenport, Tobe Donohue, Puck Dunaway, Mollie Ferrigan, Scott Fredette, Michael Gibboney, Trevor Grubbs, Caleb Halter, Dana Hamblen, Michael Horrigan, Joe Klug, Joe Lamb, Dan McCabe, Charyl Mikles, Mohenjo Daro, Brian Niesz, The Northside Tavern, Brandon Page, Ken Payne, Pearlene, Emily Rockenfelder, Ed Rush, Chris Shadler, M. Shelton, Matt Shiverdecker, Rich Shivener, The Southgate House, The Spurzz, Joe Suer, Gerri Sutyak, Gillian Thompson, Why?, Gregg Wilson, WNKU, Yoni Wolf, WOXY, C.Spencer Yeh, Ryan Young, and Nicole Zappanti.